• Our Story

    How it all started

    My name is Ferdinand Onandia, I came to California when I was 17 in 1984 to study art and design. Years later I would finally get to go home. It was 1999, God blessed me with a beautiful wife, Wanda a son Matthew and another son to come in a few months named Nathaniel. I was unemployed and living off unemployment checks and blessings that our church had been providing us.

    Then one day I got a call from my mom that they would be willing to pay for my airfare if I wanted to come home and visit, so I accepted.

    14 hours in the plane sure was a lot of time to think about what has changed in my country after 15 years. I was excited and sad at the same time because my family was not with me. When I arrived home I had a great time with my family they took me shopping and to all the fun places. However, one thing that I noticed was the poverty and the street kids. I remember that they would come up to the car and knock on the window to beg for money. People in their cars would just ignore them until they go away, some were barefoot and others were just dirty half-naked little kids, it was heartbreaking.
    I came back to the states with a different perspective and a tug in my heart. I believed God was calling me to do something about it.
    So our journey began, my wife and I decided to go back to the Philippines with our kids the following year and be a part of the Extreme Mission Team.


    After coming back from our trip I decided to do more, in 2008 that's when I launched the Endure brand. The goal: To spread the message of the gospel through a t-shirt line and to raise funding to help feed children who are in need.

  • Early Stages

    First 3 designs that were printed for fundraising at our local church.

    Launch By Faith

    Endure hits Walmart

    First 6 Women's design that was presented to Walmart through Jerry Leigh.

    Initial order: 36,000 units

    Sell-through rate: 97%

    Endure sold at Walmart for 3 successful season